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About Winterborne
Winterborne is currentl recruiting ALL classes that can best what we already have. That means Tanking, Healing, and DPS.

If you're content in killing bosses when they die, or are fine with whatever Healing, TPS, or Damage you are doing, we are NOT the guild for you.
If you feel that you are worthy of being in a competitive guild that is going to be making a HARD push for server firsts for Firelands, that will ALWAYS strive to do and be better read on.

Recruitment -
What we typically look for in a potential recruit is a number of factors. The ability to think on your feet, and adjust to unforseen problems is highly valued. Previous heroic mode experience is required, as is BC and Vanilla raid experience(when it was current). Appropriate level gear for the content we're currently raiding is mandatory. If you're not geared for the content, you're not going to be brought in.
We expect you to be striving to go above and beyond the expectations for your class and gear, trying to figure out ANY way to push out something extra, be it get your heal off .001 sec faster, take 3 HP less damage while sustaining threat and not standing in fire, or pump out an extra 12 DPS.

We expect recruits to be fully enchanted, gemmed, specced, glyphed, and bring their own consumables. Yes, We do drop feasts, and cauldrons, however you should not count on it. POTIONS POTIONS POTIONS!!!! We expect our raiders to be Double Potting on EVERY boss Pull.
It's sad that this needs to be stated in writing, but you'd be surprised how many applicants don't have this.

About Winterborne:
Winterborne is a progression oriented guild, with a focus on 25 man content. Progression means different things to different players, but to us, it means achievement spam across our screen. We're a guild of achievement addicts, and our raids reflect that.

Wrath of the Lich King experience and notable accomplishments with the leadership's previous guild (All when Current) -

Naxx 10/25 clear w/ Undying and Rusted Protos
Maly 10/25 clear
Sarth 10/25 clear (Without the use of Zergs or Warlock Strats)
Ulduar 10/25 clear (Including Algalon)
ToGC 10/25 clear (10 Insanity, 25 Mad Skill. Due to the loss of our Block tank, we were unable to get Insanity on 25)
Winterborne formed in August of 2010, while ICC was currently well in progress. The Progression we completed in such a short amount of time for ICC was
ICC 10/25 N clear
ICC 10 HM clear w/Drakes
ICC 25 man HM 11/12 w/Drakes)

Cataclysm Progression -

Heroic: Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Heroic: Valiona and Theralion
Heroic: Magmaw
Heroic: Atramedes
Heroic: Maloriak
Heroic: Chimaeron
Heroic: Conclave of Wind

Side Note -
Server First! Guild Level 25

As you can see, the officers in Winterborne aren't just a few random people that got together and said "HEY! We can make a raiding guild! It'll be FUN!!!". We have experience working hard, and wiping for our kills, and we've accomplished substantial things in the short amount of time that we've been around.

Now we've managed to jump higher than World 800, and higher US 300, Server 3rd, Greymane Alliance first, stomping guilds that have been around since BC.
We are a VERY competitive guild. Server 3rd isn't good enough. Come Firelands, we're looking to push for server first kills, though that will not be the end of our goals.

Raid Schedule:

We raid Monday through Thursday from 7PM server until 11PM server (Which is CST). Invites will typically go out shortly after 6:30PM. You are expected to be at the raid location, fully prepared, and pulling by 7PM. We raid 4 days a week, because progression is better than sleep. If your priorities are different, there are other guilds that have a more casual attitude towards raids. Personally, I think 4 is pretty casual.
We expect %100 attendance.

Loot System:
We use a decaying tiered rolling system. Wtf is that you say? It's a lot simpler than it sounds.

Raiders roll 800-1000
Members roll 400-800
Trials roll 100-400
Off specs roll 1-100

When you win a piece of loot, your next roll will drop down one tier. This resets weekly(Tuesday).

Raid Environment:
I push my raiders hard. Not all of them can handle it. If you don't have thick skin, you won't make it. If you can't do what you're told, you won't last. If someone else can do your job better than you, you'll be bored on the bench.

At the same time though, we love to have fun. You'll find vent very light hearted on Trash and farm bosses joking around, poking fun at each other (And ourselves), but we buckle down for Progression.

BR< Thank you for taking the time to look at the guild site. We hope you stop by the Application Forums, and place in an App if you feel that you will be a good contribution to the family.

If you have any questions, feel free to pst Oneiro, Lexelle or "/who Lexi" for more info / help